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November  25, 2020

In this time of Thanksgiving, we are blessed with the opportunity to focus & appreciate one another as well as for all things big and small in our lives.

Through practicing gratitude for all that we already have accomplished, experienced or obtained, we create space for the Law of Attraction to become unlimited.

If you don’t already have a daily gratitude practice, it is suggested that you spend a few minutes each day in the morning and evening.

For example, in the AM, you could find 3 things for which to be grateful. In the evening, if you dedicate a little journal just for gratitude and spend a few minutes appreciating your life, the good and the bad, for without the duality, we would not appreciate the highs. With this practice, you will start to notice all those little miracles in your life which later becomes the journey of life.

I am grateful for each and everyone of you.

Sending you much love and gratitude.


Cardiff, CA

Focus on the Common Ground

November 17, 2020

Hello Friends,

In the turbulent times of today, if we could find it within ourselves to remember that we all have more in common than perhaps realized. We are all 99.9% the same DNA wise. Most of us want the best for our families, spend time with our loved ones, have hobbies or passions which create a meaningful life where we are thriving, and a connection to God or the Universe however we may define our beliefs.

Perspective: a particular way of looking at things that are dependent on our experiences and personality or unique qualities that makes a person different from others. For example, if I had been born in Japan, I would probably be a Buddhist today. Yet if I had been born in Mexico, I would probably Catholic and in Saudi Arabia, Muslim and so on.

When we recognize that it’s our own personal experiences which creates our perspective, we may realize that we have no understanding of what it is like to stand in someone else’s shoes. Hence, instead of thinking that our view point is the “correct” one, perhaps, see that it’s our personal experiences which has formed our reality. This reality is most likely different to someone else’s. Yet, when we remember that we have more in common with others, we remember our humanity.

Mahatma Gandhi, almost a century ago, provided a humanistic perspective on the conduct of the individual in society that is insightful today. He identified “Seven Social Sins” as:

Politics without principles

Wealth without work

Pleasure without conscience

Knowledge without character

Commerce without morality

Science without humanity

Worship without sacrifice

Perhaps with this perspective, we can find that common ground for moving forward together.

Sending you much love!


Lisbon, Portugal

Reality and Day Dreams

August 1, 2019

Sometimes, I just wanna be a princess. Is it silly? Yes. Is it beautiful? Yes. Is it fun? Definitely !!! 🦄💗💗💗

Is it my current reality? Sometimes! When we day dream, we bring in the vibrations of those realities from our day dreams into our present reality. Those feelings/ vibrations are what we will attract more of.... so go ahead... dream your biggest dreams!!! And remember... if you find the littlest inkling of it in your life, then give thanks for that moment!!! 🙏🙏🙏 It will bring in even more of those moments.

Wishing you the most beautiful dreams / reality possible whatever it may be my loves. 

📷 Maxwell Farrell

KAP- The Most Transformative (But perhaps unknown to you) Process 

July 25, 2019

Being a psychic medium, I have heard so many times from our guides that our life on Earth is meant to be joyful, full of love, wonderment and abundance. Yet, how many of us feel that we really live such lives? Drum roll please...Introducing KAP- KAP is a transmission of divine energy which helps us connect to our higher selves. It helps recalibrate and reconnect us back to our natural state of love, joy and bliss. (I thank my lucky stars to the founder, Venant Wong, for exposing me to KAP and later selecting me and then training me in this wonderful process KAP.)

It is an intelligent energy which gives us what is needed in that moment in time. Whether we have layers of ‘stuff’ accumulated over a lifetime which needs to be shed, re-connection back to our healthy natural state (therefore shedding bad unhealthy habits) or ready for that reconnection back to our BLISS, this intelligent energy will give us what is most needed.

I have time and again heard from participants about the transformation which takes place such as stopping excess drinking, drugs or bad eating habits, plus, many other amazing things.

I, myself, have wanted to stop eating meat, but didn’t have the willpower to do so. This was in alignment with my higher-self so after my first experience with KAP, I no longer desired meat. It’s almost as if I’ve never had it since I don’t miss it, nor crave it. Instead, I crave fruit and water. It takes absolutely no effort to continue this lifestyle.

In addition, many of you who I known for years, may not have known about my psychic and transmission abilities. I didn’t know myself until I experienced a very traumatic event which put me into a deep, dark depression. I finally dug myself out of it turning to spin classes (and yes, pints of Baskin-Robbins ice cream and a wee bit too much wine in some awkward social situations) then yoga and then the search for healing.

It was on this spiritual path that I learned about my gifts (which by the way, I believe we all have the ability to be ‘connected’). However, I still didn’t share my gifts with my ‘old friends and acquaintances’ since it felt awkward. Reactions like, ‘What? You’re now a psychic?’ didn’t exactly encourage me either. Lol. Instead, it was kept with my circle of ‘new’ friends. It was after my experience with KAP that I finally am speaking about my gifts with confidence and ease. (BTW... for those I haven’t seen in years, I’m still pretty much the same ole person, with some layers removed. I still make mistakes, a tad late at times, am silly and at times, a bit reserved.)

Does this mean that you will have a miraculous transformation ridding yourself of “whatever”? I am not sure what will happen; however, I do know that your energetic body will be RE-wired and change will be taking place to bring you back to your natural state before all these “layers” developed. With each exposure to this amazing energy, you will be either gradually transformed or miraculously transformed, even if you don’t ‘feel’ it.

It is with much love, humility and deep appreciation that I now offer KAP.

Sending you much love, joy and abundance. 💗

On Manifesting Our Desires

July 17, 2019

Ever wonder why manifesting your desires seems elusive despite reading all the law of attraction books, watching videos on it or following all the manifestation gurus or babes? 

The advice was perhaps thinking about what you want multiple times a day, see it, feel it and have the desired feelings of how you would feel if your wish or desire arrived ...would eventually manifest your desires?

Yet, despite all of this, why hasn’t it arrived still?? Are you ‘manifesting’ wrong???

NO....but it could be due to your subconscious...quiet, but powerful. If your subconscious mind is still holding on to lack, unworthiness or any of those silly thoughts like not deserving love, not being good enough, scared, who am I...and on and on….your vibration sends out a signal which definitely doesn't match your desires. .

Do the inner work folks… it maybe be scary or painful, but it’s so so worth it to get rid of those silly thoughts. Rip the bandaid off!! You’ve been carrying that crap around long enough.

You are loved and are worthy of manifesting your dreams just like the next person. In fact, you are an incredible and magnificent being, and always have been, but maybe just forgotten it. Love you friends .

📷 Michael Peak

#love #subconscious #worthy #lawofattraction #havefun

How will you decide to show up today?

July 10,2019

We get to choose what follows next or perhaps, it is just "I AM".

Will it be love or kindness or brave or creative or beautiful or peaceful or powerful or giving or appreciative (fill in the blank)?

Each and every day, we have the wonderful ability to decide how to show up in the world. 🌸Choose whatever brings out your magnificence my loves.

💗🌸🌸🌸 ☺️

Coimbra, Portugal

The Truth of Our Soul Journey

March 22, 2019

Ever feel so small in grande spaces? Despite my stature, I know that my soul reaches beyond time, space, realities and dimensions....Guess what? So does yours!

 Just start to imagine the possibilities magical if we can imagine!

📷 Maxwell Farrell

#loveismagic #souljourney #subconscious #worthy #lawofattraction #havefun