Certified KALI Energy Flow Facilitators

San Diego, CA

Troy Weeks

Troy is a transformed overthinking, overanalyzing, stressed, human. He is passionate about bringing transformation to others. As a facilitator, he takes care to channel love and energy while holding space for others. This process supports others to heal, to find their path to joy, love, peace, and connect to higher states of consciousness that already exist as the divine light within each of us. This journey is the secret to living this human life as divine beings.

Location: San Diego, CA

Christine Aficial

Christine began her spiritual and healing journey in 2009 and received her yoga teacher certification in 2019. She loves being a part of a community and enjoys connecting with others. She is passionate about sharing KALI and her mission is to help others reconnect with their power for healing, self love, and transformation!

Location: San Diego, CA

Effie Canonizado

At Heart-centered Path, I combine the timeless wisdom of energy medicine with the power of the heart and soul. As a Channeler, NLP practitioner, and now a KALI facilitator, I help people connect to their own divinity and the wisdom of their heart. I believe that when we connect to our hearts, we connect to our Higher Selves and our true potential. I am passionate about helping people cultivate inner peace and happiness while connecting to their own unique power.

Location: San Diego, CA

Dana Tienne

Dana has mastered various healing modalities such as Tantrika, Transcendental meditation, Reiki, Integrative yoga therapy, yoga nidra and acupressure. She is a light worker and channels various light codes of high energy frequencies to facilitate powerful healing sessions. With an open heart and passion for her work, Dana embodies the teachings and practices she shares with others. She has found that KALI is the most effective and efficient at helping propel people to their highest version of themselves. 

Location: San Diego, CA

Yaila Weddle

Yaila (Ya-EE-La) is an Intuitive Teacher & Healer, Theta Practitioner, and KALI Energy Flow Facilitator. She teaches others how to strengthen their intuition and clair-senses (clear seeing, hearing, feeling & knowing). She does personal energy readings and healings to help client’s manifest their heart’s desires. Yaila is on a mission to help others connect to their own divine light, trust their innate wisdom, and fall in love with their life.

Location: San Diego, CA

Cassandra Carrasco Borjon

An energetic Alchemist, Cassandra Borjon has always felt a close connection to source and has been focused helping others transform. From an attorney doing humanitarian work to energy healer, she is now fully stepping into her energetic offerings which include KALI, Sound Healing, Reiki and intuitive psychic readings.

Location: San Diego, CA

Claudia Yates

Claudia is passionate about helping others heal past trauma, addiction, depression and anxiety as well as improve their physical wellbeing. She is passionate about providing a calm, relaxing, healing experience and helping others achieve balance. She is a KALI Facilitator, Reiki Master teacher and yoga instructor.

Location: San Diego, CA

Brendan Coffey (Brennie) 

Brendan is an atypical energy worker, introduced to KALI after a decade of trying to balance work and life stresses through a unique blend of combat sports and more alcohol than he’d like to admit. Having experienced the life changing benefits of KALI, he is very excited to share KALI with others, the modality that brought effortless balance and alignment to his life. He has a strong connection to the KALI Heart Radiance energy so you will feel cocooned by love in his sessions.

Location: San Diego

Crystal Morris

A Conduit for Magical – Crystal combines multiple modalities of Healing and Transformation.  Crystal is a trained in Breathwork, Chinese Energy Medicine, Reiki Master and Spiral and Emotional Clearing Practitioner.  She is a Plant Medicine Facilitator & Psychedelic Integration Master Coach – working with Master Teachers to support clearing, healing and enlightenment to others.  She is excited to share KALI with her community, as well as the Tantra containers she is building with her partner. 

Location: San Diego, CA

Rachel Varga

With a Master’s degree in Marriage & Family Therapy plus a deep understanding of energy healing, Rachel is dedicated to helping individuals thrive in both their emotional and energetic realms. She strives to bring a holistic approach to healing, acknowledging the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit, offering clients a comprehensive path to wellness and personal growth. Her sessions balance and harmonize the body’s energy centers, promoting inner peace and vitality. Her aim is to empower individuals to harness their innate potential and unlock a deeper sense of well-being.

Location: San Diego, CA

Los Angeles, CA

Wendi Sharpshair

The more I tune into life & let it in, the more capacity I have to hold, expand and share that light & energy with others. I’m grateful life has invited me to so many teachers & practices that pulled me up and forward… from traditional kundalini yoga, meditation reiki, breathwork, somatic practices & now KALI. KALI is the most powerful loving & transformational energy I have worked with. I am honored to be a conduit for others to experience this deeply transformational, healing & empowering energy that is truly life-changing.

Location: Orange County, CA and Los Angeles, CA

Turu Marx

Turu is a KALI Energy Flow Facilitator, acclaimed song writer, performer, sound healer and pilates instructor. She takes her passion for KALI and combines her magic with voice to provide a powerful, healing session.

Location: Los Angeles, CA


An acclaimed story teller through photography and videography, Oshen has also pursued his other passion which is to help people free themselves of unwanted burdens and become their best version. He loves the creativity of KALI energy flow and its immense possibilities.

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Audi Clare

Aurora’s passion for spirituality developed since childhood and her awareness is wise beyond her years. She loves working with children and the environment and now excited to share her loving KALI sessions with people of all ages!

She is also facilitates Reiki and Access Bars.

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Other Cities

Karine Tolerton

As an accredited Master Energy Practitioner, Karine’s approach combines various energy modalities to help people feel better emotionally, physically and make positive changes in their lives. As a KALI Energy Flow facilitator, she is committed to helping as many people as possible heal from trauma, release blockages, and break free from limiting beliefs while supporting them in remembering and returning to their true essence. Karine is also a certified Reiki Master, Sound Therapist, Akashic Records Practitioner, and intuitive coach.

Location: Sydney, Australia

Andrea Solano

Andrea has an extensive background in martial arts, dance. and public health. Once she discovered the amazing healing benefits of KALI energy flow, she wanted to share this magical gift with the world by combining it with her other passions..

Location: Santa Cruz, CA

Dr. Brooke Roberts

World- renowned Dr. Roberts is a cognitive neuroscientist, KALI energy flow facilitator, sound healer, breath work facilitator and yoga instructor. She loves to use a variety of tools to enhance the mind and bring her clients into balance and harmony.

Location: Costa Rica

Sara Tourtel

Sara loves sharing that each one of us has the ability to heal and release the trauma that we hold. She helps clients do this by channeling potent life force energy and holding space for breakthroughs to happen. Sara is also a Reiki & Pranic Healing facilitator and channel for communication with the divine realm.

Location: Miami, FL