2024 Heart Radiance Retreat

A 5 - Day Healing Immersion

Are You Ready to Awaken to your Highest Potential?

Minh Clare invites you to a day transformational, life expanding experience. We willl be located on magical Mount Shasta.

This retreat is for those individuals who are ready to transcend themselves in mind, body, spirit.

Past retreats have been described as “life-changing” by participants.

Magnificent Mount Shasta!

Embark on a transformative journey of spiritual growth and self-realization at the Enchantment Retreat at Mount Shasta!

Mount Shasta is connected to the root or first chakra. The root chakra is associated with grounding, stability, and the physical body. The root chakra serves as the starting point for manifestation. When we connect with the energy of Mount Shasta, it is said that the root chakra is activated and strengthened along with our grounding and connection to the Earth. This connection can help us to welcome abundance, manifest our desires, and bring them into physical reality.

Mount Shasta spiritual legends abound, and the mountain has been revered by various groups of people for centuries. Some Native Americans believe the mountain is a spiritual center of the universe, and perform their sacred ceremonies there. There are tales of ascended masters, energy vortexes, and a city called Telos underneath the mountain inhabited by 7-foot tall people (AKA Lemurians).

Many people who visit Mt. Shasta feel a deep sense of peace and connection to the Earth. This is because it is the home of a powerful spiritual presence and the unique energy that emanates from the mountain itself. Mt. Shasta has a profound effect on those who visit it.

Attendees will experience KALI Energy Flow in this magical environment along with other spiritual practices. This an unparalleled opportunity to connect with the divine and embrace the limitless potential that resides within each and every one of us.. as well as a lovely community. With its breathtaking views and serene surroundings, Mount Shasta truly is a remarkable place that is worth visiting.

Enjoy time away from the business and stresses of the world. Take time to reconnect with your inner guidance and wisdom to restore your body's symmetry.

You will be surrounded by a phenomenal group of like minded people.
Relax, Breathe, and Make New Friends in a Safe Space!

There will be opportunities to relax.

From 6 PM on Thursday, July 18th to 12 PM on Sunday, July 22

Come early or stay later to relax and enjoy the offerings available onsite.
or visit some of the nearby attractions!

Heart Radiance Retreata at Mount Shasta Details!

5 days, 4 nights
July 18, 2024 – July 22, 2024

Check In: 3-6 PM – Thursday (July 18, 2024)
Depart: Thursday (July 18, 2024)

Experience Transformation with Minh Clare and the KALI Team

4 Kundalini Activation Light Integration Energy Flow and Heart Radiance Sessions with Minh Clare and several of the wonderful facilitators from the KALI team to clear & align and MANIFEST.


Terms & Conditions Apply


If you sign up by 2/29/2024,
receive a psychic reading with Minh Clare.

(a value of $222)


Early Bird Paid
In Full $1444

Payment Plan $298 deposit plus $298
for 4 months

Special discount for
2 people $2555
(or less $1222 Per Person)

(Hotel booked separately)

Spaces are limited!

Please email [email protected] with any inquiries.

We hope you will be able to join in transformative, yet deeply healing, educational and fun event!




Special Early Early Bird Price*

2 TicketS



Special Early Early Bird Price*

All rooms have their own bathrooms and AC.
Breakfast (included with hotel room) & Lunch & Snacks included with retreat.

All Taxes included in the exchange price.
*Special Early Early Bird Price available until 6/14/24

After booking retreat, you will be emailed info to received a discount to book a hotel room or suite at Retreat Hotel. If you need help finding someone to share a room, we could potentially assist in connecting you.

Hotel Pricing (Paid Separately)

*SHARED Room for 2 or Private for 4 nights +tax


A. Whispers Den Room – 1 King

B. Minnesota Room – 1 Queen

C. Hot to Tot Room – 1 Queen



*SHARED Room for 2 or 3 or Private for 4 nights +tax (3rd person extra potentially)


Charles Miller Suite for 2 or 3 or Private for 4 nights +tax (3rd person extra potentially)


Shasta Wintu Suite for 2 or Private for 4 nighs +tax


Booking link will be provided after purchase.

Hello, My name is Minh Clare. It is my honor to be your main guide on this transformative journey.

Minh is an internationally known energy healer, intuitive and founded KALI (Kundalini Activation Light Integration) Energy Flow and Heart Radiance Healing. She is passionate about guiding others to find their divinity within, assists others to open to their spiritual gifts by working with energy and/or intuitive gifts.

Minh’s ability to channel energy to her clients has extended to incorporate other unique gifts such as light activation techniques.

With love, Minh has helped many people to go from just surviving life to thriving and living their most amazing life! She firmly believes that we can create heaven on earth right now, but it begins within each person and through a heart centered connection.

She focuses on holding a loving, safe, container for her clients during her sessions.

Where you will be staying...