After Minh Clare’s first energy healing where her Kundalini was awakened over 10 years ago, the trajectory of her life changed completely to the world of spirituality and consciousness.  In addition to working with her spirit team, she has trained in different healing modalities. Light Code Channeling came about naturally.  Prior to her focus in energy work, Minh Clare was an embodied intuitive and channeled for her clients for clients in readings, for many years.  

Heart Radiance Kundalini Activation Light Integration was founded to share this transformative modality and to support the needs of her energy healing clients who had requested to be trained.

  • Inner Dance with Founder Pi Villareza
  • Spinal Energetics with Dr. Sara Jane 
  • Hypnotherapy with Cory Cochiolo
  • KAP (Kundalini Activation Process) with Founder Venant Wong  (She was one of the first KAP facilitators trained in the world.)
  • Reiki/ Energy Healing          

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Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Watch this 2:27 minute video on working with Minh!

Testimonial en Espanol

Mirar este video de 2:00 minutos sobre cómo funciona con Minh Clare.