I did the KALI training for facilitators about half a year ago, and it has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

First of all, Minh is just a joy to be around. She carries the frequency of love that just melts away any doubts, and it feels very safe to explore and tap into your gifts.

I was in the very first group she trained, and all 8 of us bonded right away and started channeling energy the very first evening.

We practiced a lot that week, working through any barriers of the mind, witnessing each other heal, and stepping into our power. By the end of the week, we facilitated two public sessions, and not only the energy was there, it was STRONG!

Minh puts so much heart into her healing art and the community she’s building, putting together her most powerful tools and giving them all away in this modality.

What I didn’t expect was how invested Minh is in helping us with our own practices, and how happy she gets when people facilitate whether it is for clients or friends, or to activate your own energy.

This practice has transformed my life, healed my depression, and this is the coolest thing up my sleeve now. I love sharing it with people. I just facilitated KALI at a men’s retreat, and everyone was in awe of how it has a way to open your heart and release pain. So much magic here!