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Enhance Your Inner Wisdom and Transform into the Best Possible Version of Yourself with KALI!

What is KA​LI?

KALI energy therapy is a powerful modality that can help awaken and move creative energy throughout the body.  In ancient practices, this creative energy is known as kundalini energy and lies within us all.  It is a gentle, natural way of moving energy from the the pineal gland down to the base of the spine . 

KALI can help to move us out of the head and the mental chatter, and into the body. This can help to release old patterns, traumas, and blockages stored in the body - allowing for more energy and vitality to flow freely. Over time, there is greater emotional freedom.

We can also create a more coherent and harmonious gamma brainwave pattern. 

Gamma brain waves can help us reach higher states of awareness and even states of bliss. This can help us access deeper levels of consciousness, enjoy greater clarity and insight, and experience a greater sense of wellbeing. 

In a session, all you do is lie down on a yoga mat & relax to music as a KALI energy therapist incorporates and integrates energy, light codes and a soundscape to create lasting change 

and transformation.

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How does KALI Energ​y Therapy work?

During a KALI session, a facilitator works with energy, light, the power of sound and vibratory resonance to guide you on a transformative inner journey. The goal of KALI is to help you somatically release emotions that are no longer serving you, move beyond layers of fear and pain, and heal deep-rooted blocks. 


Benefits of KALI Energy Therapy

     - Unburden yourself of limiting beliefs and open your heart

     - Realign your subtle body and shift into deeper  states of   

         awareness and heightened perceptions

     - Strengthen your intuition and empower yourself

     - Receive clarity around your purpose or other  areas of                your life

     - Transform and evolve into the next version of yourself

     - Are you ready to embark on this inner journey and                        experience the powerful benefits of KALI? 

Book a Session in San Diego, CA

Over 100​ Five Star Google Reviews Internationally

Clients continue to leave incredible 5-star reviews for Minh Clare. 

Take a look at what others have to say about their experiences.

Read over 100 Five Star Google Reviews

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